How It Works

Bringing Simplicity to Travelers

We’ve streamlined much of the bureaucratic application process by breaking down complex requirements into easy to follow instructions. You’ll know exactly what you’ll need to successfully complete your passport application.

Learn how the process works for each type of passport:

  1. Passport Renewal Application

    After you select your passport service option and place your order you will be redirected to our secure govWorks platform where you will create a password and begin your application. Once you have printed and signed your completed passport application and gathered all of your supporting requirements you will then ship them directly to us.

    govWorks Web Application
    Our Intuitive Process Puts an End to Guesswork

    Applications contain many questions, we’ve got all the answers. Our easy to follow guidelines ensure that everything is in proper order and filled out correctly.

  2. Shipping Your Documents

    Place your signed passport application and supporting requirements (passport photo etc.) in a FedEx envelope and ship everything to us using the prepaid label that we will provide.

    We enable you to track the progress and whereabouts of your documents every step of the way using your mobile device. We can even send you push notifications, emails, or text messages to alert you about the status of your passport application.

    • Email Notifications
    • SMS Notifications
  3. Processing and Expediting

    Keep in mind that we are a private expediting service. Once we receive your passport application package via FedEx we will hand-deliver it to the U.S. government for expedited processing on your behalf.

    The value of using our service is measured in three distinct ways:

    • Process Simplicity


      Our online platform is smart and easy to use, ensuring that all the necessary requirements are met so that your application is filled out correctly.

    • Expediting Speed


      We can get your passport in 1-2 days, as opposed to the regular 6-8 week process that is available to the public through snail mail.

    • Expediting Expertise


      Our licensed couriers have long-standing relationships with the U.S. Passport Office and are experts at reliably facilitating the process.

    As soon as your passport is ready, we will pick it up from the government office and immediately FedEx it to you.


We understand that security is extremely important to you. Rest assured, protecting your privacy is our top priority. Our family of applications all utilize government standards for information security and encryption to ensure the highest level of security for your private data.